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Back to school project 

The impact of the conflict in Yemen runs deep and has not spared a single child. Mind-boggling violence over the past four years, high levels of poverty; and decades of conflicts, this still hinder students from low-income families to attend school. Many of our students cannot afford school uniforms, books, school meals or even transportation and are forced to end their education after primary school. Not finishing formal education leaves them with limited career options. Through the Education Sponsorship Program, students can attend secondary school and are given all the tools they need to thrive over the four years.

The SIG lunches this project to help those children with basic needs so they can continue studying. 


Orphanage care​


A lot of children lost  their parents due to the war in south of yemen , they live in lossless ,every child deserve a good future , they need to survive and protection help them to live normal life so be the hero in the life of child in need



Participation in the Human Rights Council:

We have been covering the sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva periodically since 2017  and participate in its sessions, where they monitor violations and spread it through the media to international human rights organizations.


Defending the right of self-determination:

The Southern Group for Human Rights is an independent organization working to communicate the voice of the people of South Yemen to international forums and defend their legitimate rights, including their right to self-determination, to restore their country so that they can build a modern, future federal state in accordance with international law in Article 55 of the UN Charter United Nations General Assembly No. 2625.


External meetings and seminars: 

The Independent Southern Group holds a number of seminars and holds meetings with international human rights organizations and decision-makers in the international community in many countries around the world to clarify the human rights situation in South Yemen and clarify the aspirations of the people of South Yemen towards living in a secure and stable future.

supporting old people’s home in aden 

Because they need care and attention, that's why we have to give them everything we can do and extend your hand with us

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