Child Yunus arrested by the commander of the Fifth Brigade, Saleh Al-Sayed


The child's name is / Younes Wadih Saleh Abdullah

Born in 2007, Aden

The arrest took place on April 15, at four o'clock in the morning

From his father's house in Mansoura / Aden

We condemn the raid by military force affiliated with the commander of the Fifth Brigade in Lahj Saleh Al-Sayed, where the forces raided the home of Wadih Saleh Abdullah and arrested his child Younis Wadih Salih "as a hostage" , The reason for the absence of the child's brother in the house, in addition to taking the bus of the child's father , and depositing the child in the Fifth Brigade camp prison in the governorate Lahj.

We in SIG express our strong condemnation and condemnation of the arrest of the child Younes and the involvement of children in personal conflicts, which is a dangerous sign that the child is arrested and placed in the prison of the Fifth Brigade camp in Lahj, which is overcrowded with many detainees, criminals and those with precedents.

We call for the release of the child Younes Wadih, and we hold Saleh al-Sayed the commander of the Fifth Brigade responsible for the life of the child Wadih, and we call for a clear position on the part of those concerned in Aden and the Aden Authority regarding such violations and abuses, and we demand that they pressure the release of the child Wadih.

#المجموعة_الجنوبية_المستقلة تدين اعتقال وإقحام الأطفال في النزاعات والصراعات الشخصية

اسم الطفل /يونس وديع صالح عبدالله

من مواليد 2007م/عدن

الاعتقال تاريخ 15 / الساعه الرابعة الفجر

من منزل والده في المنصورة /عدن