SIG for the Defense of Human Rights condemns the arrest of journalist Adnan Al-Rajhi


The SIG for the Defense of Human Rights condemns the Turkish authorities for the arrest and torture of Yemeni journalist Adnan Al-Rajh. Where the Yemeni journalist was subjected by the repressive Turkish authorities to successive arrests and a number of interrogations that began in mid-2018 and ended in October 2019, And followed by the arrest on January 3, 2020, he was offered for sale in a large bodily gap that resulted in fractures in the joints of the fifth lumbar vertebra with the first sacrum.

According to the information of the SIG for the Defense of Human Rights, the Yemeni journalist, Adnan Al-Rajhi, has been suffering from a herniated disc, and since the beginning of 2018, he was undergoing treatment, but because of the assault that he was subjected to in the Istanbul police station on the second day of detention caused of his fractures and exacerbated his health condition , These fractures made his condition dangerous and he was about to lose the movement of his feet, but the Turkish authorities did not consider his health condition in the prison and it was neglected in a way that appears to be deliberate.

After his release from prison, he operated on his personal account by installing (four nails and two plates) He is currently suffering from Harsh health and psychological well-being conditions due to the systematic torture he was subjected to by the Turkish authorities.

The SIG for the Defense of Human Rights calls on the United Nations and all international organizations to pressure the Turkish authorities to take full responsibility for the life of Yemeni journalist Adnan Al-Rajhi and to provide him with the necessary compensation, including reparation by international humanitarian law.

The SIG and its allies stand in solidarity with journalist Adnan Al-Rajhi and hold all the legal responsibility of the institution in which he works and compensate him with appropriate compensation, as well as the Yemeni embassy in Turkey in the legal follow-up to the concerned authorities away from political and partisan accounts.


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