The assassination of the journalist for Agence France-Presse in # Aden, photographer Nabil Al-Qaiti


With the continued of the incitement and the tuck of the malicious accusations against the media professionals in #Hadhramaut and sending them to military tribunals, the series of violence that is affected Southern journalists continues and this time appears in the west and reaches the beak with the assassination of Nabil Al-Qaiti, a journalist and photographer for Agence France Press in #Aden, and this time came in response to his documentation of the war that is waged by Muslims Brotherhood's militia under the cover of Yemeni legitimacy in #Abyan and #Shabwa.

With the continued attacks and the language of threat and incitement against the southern journalists and media professionals in panorama which reminds us of what the conditions were during Al-Houthi invasion of Aden but the situation today is worse than that in the light of the arrests and assassination that affect them, so we in the southern group:

1) condemn the assassination operation that targeted a number of activities and media professionals, the most recent of whom is the journalist " Nabil Al-Qaiti".

2) condemn the process of incitement against the media professionals which is waged by Muslims Brotherhood's pens and media outlets that have reached the point of consider them as infidels and describing them as mercenaries and agents in order to justify their killing.

3) strongly condemn the behaviors of repression and intimidation against the media professionals and journalists in Hadhramaut and the arbitrary practices against them.

4) The southern group condemns the repeated and continuous attacks on media professionals and activities in the cities of Shabwa governorate which are under the control of the Muslims Brotherhood.

5) in group demand the security services to provide all guarantees of prevention and protection for media professionals and human rights activities, as they are one of the most important safety and security values for our country and our people.

6) call on human rights organizations and international community to take action to protect journalists and media professionals in the south who are subjected to campaign of intimidation and killing which is the worst in the history of the country.

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