The Southern independent Group condemns the kidnappings of southerners


The Southern independent Group condemns the abductions by the personal identification, that affect southern soldiers and citizens belonging to the governorates (# Lahj, # Abyan, # Al-Dhalea, # Yafea) Where they are arrested at the point of Ain Bamabd in Shabwa while traveling on the coastline using public transport, where they were taken to an unknown destination that has not been disclosed so far , Some of those kidnapped have been confirmed :

1- Yaqoub Abdel-Hamid Ahmed Shaif Al-Atri (Harir district, Al-Husain / Al-Dalea)

2- Naguib Salih Qasem Al-Sukkari (Al-Azraq / Al-Dalea)

3- Ali Mohamed Mohsen Ali (The village of Al-Musannaah / Al-Azraq / Al-Dhalea)

4- Adnan Qassem Salem Muthanna ( Lahj-Radfan , Date of disappearance: 31/5/2020

Place of disappearance: The point of Ain Bamabd / Shabwa)

5- Mohsen Ali Farid Musaed Lahj – Radfan ( The place of the disappearance in Shakra while he was going to Hadramout by transport Several others were arrested with him (names later)

This is not the first case of the kidnapping and the disappearance, as similar events were preceded by the takeover of forces linked to the Brotherhood. Violations and abductions continue in Shabwa by identity, because of the absence of legitimacy and the alliance .

The Southern independent Group calls on all human rights organizations, human rights activists and media professionals to stand against all arrests happens in # Shabwa.

The Southern independent Group will publish the rest of the kidnappers' names and places of kidnapping when they are confirmed. In this regard, the Southern Group will receive all details of the kidnappings by this e-mail

Where the group will publish the details of the kidnapping and enforced disappearance, respectively, and will send it to the relevant authorities for human rights.



تدين #المجموعة_الجنوبية_المستقلة عمليات التقطع والاختطاف بالهوية والتي تطال جنود ومواطنين جنوبيين ينتمون الى محافظات (#لحج، #أبين،