SIG for the Defense of Human Rights condemns the terrorist attack in Aden.


The SIG condemns by strongest terms ,The terrorist operation that targeted the life of Professor Ahmed Hamed Lamles Governor of Aden Governorate, and Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Soqatry, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries This Sunday morning by a car bomb in the city of Aden, which resulted in the fall of four martyrs from their guard and injury of several innocent civilians.

This incident falls as a terrorist targeting crime that is legally condemned, in addition to that, it violates the internationally guaranteed right for life and threatens public peace in Aden.

The SIG for the Defense of Human Rights calls on the United Nations and the international community to assume their humanitarian responsibilities by saving the people of southern Yemen from terrorist operations and violence targeting them by terrorist elements supported by Yemeni forces that stand against the aspirations of southern Yemeni people towards inde