More than 36 southern organizations have signed it

Updated: Apr 26


We southern civil society organizations, raise our appeal to international human rights and humanitarian organizations about the violations committed by the Yemeni Islah Party forces affiliated with the Yemeni government against civilian citizens in Shabwa governorate, including human rights defenders, members of humanitarian aid and members of the Emirates Red Crescent Organization.

After the forces of the Yemeni Islah Party which are affiliated with the Yemeni government in August 2019 took control of the southern governorate of Shabwa and they are committing grave violations against civilian citizens, under the direct supervision of its conservative military commander, Muhammad Saleh bin Adiu, which included various types of violations such as extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrests, Kidnapping, enforced disappearance, repression, abuse of peaceful activities, and torture of detainees.

Here, we bring to you the latest violations committed by these forces against human rights defenders, members of humanitarian relief committees, and members of the UAE Red Crescent Organization, the latest of which was committed yesterday, Friday, April 16th.

Those special forces affiliated with the Yemeni government have been arresting Professor Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hakal, Director of the Human Rights Department at the Local Command of the Southern Transitional Council in Shabwa Governorate.

those forces raided a gathering for the fasting breakfast distribution in the city of Ataq, confiscated the food aid provided by the Southern Transitional Council and prevented its distribution to needy citizens, and arrested the distribution committee.

On Friday afternoon, it also arrested two members of the Emirates Red Crescent Organization, who provide aid to the needy, disrespecting their international gospel, and without respecting their humanitarian status.

These detainees were subjected to a provocative investigation, and they were treated in a humiliating and degrading manner. Their personal phones were confiscated, and all their personal property was confiscated.

All of these violations, which were committed consecutively, confirm that they are carried out systematically and express hostility towards human rights defenders and against relief and humanitarian organizations.

It affirms that these forces do not respect human rights, moral values, human norms, or even religious teachings, especially as they are committed in the month of Ramadan, which is inviolable for Muslims.

We give you the names of those who were arrested, as follows: